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This exceptional work by Stacie Gaynor is one of the most profound, practical, principle-centered approaches to this subject I have read in a long time. I admonish you to plunge into this ocean of knowledge and watch your life change for the better." -- Dr. Myles Munroe --

A divine destiny lies within you. It was placed there before you were even born. But there are no ruby slippers to whisk you away to your destiny. Step by step, ‘Journey To My Destiny’ will lead you on an inspiring discovery of who you are, why you are, here and how you must impact the world around you. Through a life threatening illness, the author’s own journey was set in motion when a whisper from Heaven, “Have you done what I sent you to do?” changed her course forever. ‘Journey To My Destiny’ emerged as a means to enlighten and empower others to pursue purpose. Now daringly, she pulls back the curtains to reveal mountain-moving insights that empower you to seize your life’s purpose and fulfill your destiny.

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